Customer Experience Annual Reports (CXAR)


Why this is important…

Your organization has made sizable investments in collecting Voice of the Customer (VoC) and you have systems in place to respond to customers in ways that exceed expectations and help to keep customer for life.  You have learned valuable insights from a representative sampling of customers that in aggregate applies to the experience of all your customers and that in turn is driving your customer retention rates higher and is leveraging new business growth.  The Customer Experience Annual Report is a sales generating and business development resource that effectively communicates your success and helps differentiate you from your competition.  It closes the loop in the customer feedback process by transparently sharing with your customer base what they have shared with you about their experiences with your organization.  That helps build stronger customer relationships and drives increased revenues for your organization.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

We will custom design a Customer Experience Annual Report for your organization based on customer feedback results obtained from the most recent time period—typically a year.  This will be a full color 8.5 x 11 brochure-sized report in PDF format than can be shared electronically or alternatively printed in hard copy on-demand.  The number of pages and specific features of the report are customized based on your business needs, but typically will contain the following:

  • A message from the President, or other key officer of the organization, to the customer summarizing the contents of the report and explaining how the customers’ voice is helping to shape business growth and improvement to the products and services being offered.
  • A brief overview of the company, its history, its operational philosophy, its focus on customers, how it keeps employees engaged to improve the service to customers, a statement of its market presence and experience, and its commitment to the education and training of its employees.
  • Special recognition and awards received as a result of customer experience achievement—whether internal to the organization, bestowed by an independent business partner, or a widely recognized market research firm such as J. D. Power.
  • An overview of the methodology and processes used to capture VoC and the key performance indicators (KPIs) used to track and measure customer experience.
  • Customer satisfaction results achieved in the time period being reported along with graphical displays of metrics and trends over previous time periods.
  • How qualitative customer feedback is being processed and integrated with qualitative feedback to build a more comprehensive picture of customer experience.
  • A description and graphical display of how real-time customer feedback is used at the point of service to help overcome any service deficiencies customers may be experiencing.
  • The manner in which key learning's from customers are being integrated back into the business to build an improved service model.

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