Customer Experience Awareness (CXA) Workshops

Why this is important…

Whether you are just beginning on your Customer Experience Journey or you are fully engaged in Customer Experience Management, making your investment in VoC and CX strategies pay off requires an aligned organization to consistently create the right perceptions in the minds and hearts of the customers you serve.  Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and that is the essence and aim of a CXA Workshop—aligning your organization with customer demands and your intended customer experience strategies and objectives.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

HorizonCX offers both standardized and customized workshops designed around creating empathy and a rudimentary awareness of customers' experiences within the broader context of your overall CX strategies and objectives regardless of where you are in the CX journey. Beginning with fundamental concepts such as “the definition of a customer” this 2.5-hour workshop aims to orient and prepare your targeted employees groups to exhibit the intended and expected attitudes and behaviors toward those hard-earned and key customers that depend on you just as much as you depend on them.

Below is an example 2.5-hour workshop agenda that has been applied with a great deal of success at other organizations—but understand that this can, and probably should, be specifically customized to meet your exact requirements. Based on the target employee segment (sales, service, application support, product development, call-center, etc.) this curriculum would typically be developed around the following concepts:

  • The definition of a customers (many differing views prevail)
  • The difference between an aligned and a misaligned customer
  • Why retaining good customers is essential to business sustainability
  • Why CX needs to be by design rather than by chance
  • Why customers are more demanding and tend to get what they want, when they want it
  • Communication—the key pillar of any Customer-Centric strategy
  • Six fundamental principles that drive customer-centric behavior and deliver superior performance on a sustained basis.
  1. Clear beliefs and complete understanding of what’s important to the organization
  2. Frequent internal communications to make sure that employees understand priorities
  3. Creating excitement around customer success through CX metrics, public acknowledgments, and reward and recognition systems
  4. Compelling stories that shape culture and demonstrate customer-centricity
  5. Employee engagement through training and enabling tools such as Incentives and perks
  6. Empowering employees to ensure that customers’ issues can be solved on the spot