Next Improvement in Customer Experience (NICE) Workshops

Why this is important…

To make your investment in VoC and Customer Experience strategies pay off, it take an aligned organization with firm grasp on customer centricity to help create the right perceptions in the minds and hearts of the customers you serve.  Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and that is the essence of the NICE Workshops—aligning your organization with your customer experience strategies and objectives.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

HorizonCX offers customized workshops geared around your VoC data that helps to bring this alignment into place across your enterprise.  It can be based on customer feedback from a broad spectrum of customers across the enterprise or on customers served within a particular region, geography or segment of your business. Below is an example 6-hour workshop agenda that has been applied with a great deal of success at other organizations—but understand that this can be specifically customized to meet your exact requirements.

  • Why measuring customer feedback is important
  • Why acting on customer feedback is even more important
  • Which of your customers get surveyed
  • What questions are asked of your customers?
  • The key customer loyalty metric
  • How your customer metrics have been trending over time
  • How you handle short-term customer service issues
  • How you continue to improve service delivery over the long term
  • How do you communicate survey results back to your customers?
  • What’s driving your customer satisfaction and loyalty the most?
  • What are customers saying (in their own words) about service delivery
  • How can you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty over the next 12 months?
  • Generating and implementing a plan of action within the next 30 days
  • Tracking action plan progress and evaluating success on a quarterly schedule