Employee Engagement Audits

Why this is important…

Revenue growth and profitability depends on having satisfied and loyal customers.  Customer loyalty is dependent on how well your employees deliver on what the customer values and that, in turn, is dependent on how satisfied your employees are to begin with.  Satisfied employees are productive and engaged in your business, feeling personally responsible for business outcomes and that leads toward low employee turnover which ultimately drives increased revenues and profitability.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

We will custom design an employee engagement survey to help you understand, among many dimensions, how well your employees are committed to you as an employer, how they view their role in delivering services to customers, and how likely they are to remain an employee or recommend your company as a great and preferred place to work.

The feedback we obtain will then be summarized into a formal report from which you can then use to apply new approaches in creating a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

  • The employee engagement audit process begins with a one-hour phone consultation, designed to understand all objectives of the study and to provide a complete proposal and accurate cost estimate.
  • A proposal document detailing exact deliverables, format, and timeframe is typically delivered within two weeks of the consult. A signed agreement along with a 25% deposit initiates the start of the project.
  • An appropriately designed employee audit survey instrument containing up to 10 questions (8 quantitative and 2 qualitative) will be delivered within two weeks of project initiation for initial review. Up to two weeks of iterative reviews is typically required to finalize the survey instrument.
  • A list up to 100 employee email addresses supplied by the client along with the survey content is loaded into the survey tool and launched.  Surveys remain open for a total of 10 business days with one reminder sent out at the midpoint to those that have not yet completed the survey. Response rates for internal employee surveys typically run in the 80-90% range.
  • Once closed, survey data analysis begins.  This is a process that typically takes two weeks to complete. A final written report containing findings and recommendations will be created and delivered to the client.
  • An on-site presentation of findings and recommendations can also be arranged by special request.