Organizational Readiness Assessments

Why this is important…

When changes of any kind are planned within an organization the first question should be to ask how ready is your organization to embrace and adopt those new ways.  A quick and easy way to find out is to run an independent assessment of your employee base to determine how those planned changes will likely be accepted.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

We will custom design a readiness assessment instrument based on your specific planned organizational changes and deploy that to a portion of or your entire workforce.  As a result of this assessment; you will discover your employees' exact expectations, how they see the organizational culture supporting the change, how sound they view the strategy for change, and whether they feel they have an integral role or a stake in the change process.

The feedback we obtain will then be summarized into a formal report or alternatively a presentation that will allow you to share with your workforce how the current state will lend itself to creating a more harmonious and effective transition.

  • The organizational readiness assessment process begins with a one-hour phone consultation, designed to understand all objectives of the study and to provide a complete proposal and accurate cost estimate.
  • A proposal document detailing exact deliverables, format, and timeframe is typically delivered within two weeks of the consult. A signed agreement along with a 25% deposit initiates the start of the project.
  • An appropriately designed organizational readiness assessment survey instrument containing up to 25 quantitative qualitative questions will be delivered within two weeks of project initiation for initial review. Up to two weeks of iterative reviews is typically required to finalize the survey instrument.
  • A list of employee email addresses supplied by the client along with the survey content is loaded into the survey tool and launched.  Surveys remain open for a total of 10 business days with one reminder sent out at the midpoint to those that have not completed the survey. Response rates for internal surveys typically run in the 80-90% range.
  • Once closed, survey data analysis begins.  This is a process that typically takes two weeks to complete. A final written report containing findings and recommendations will be created and delivered to the client.
  • An on-site presentation of findings and recommendations can also be arranged by special request.