Customer Loyalty Audits

Why this is important…

Your customers are your lifeblood and knowing how they perceive your performance on services delivered to them can be crucial.  Often we think we may know the answers but the only real way to know is to ask them.  Having an independent audit represents an efficient, impartial, and unbiased way to find out.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

We will custom design a short but effective 10-15 question assessment to get to the heart of your customers’ experiences with your products and or services and deploy it via email.

The feedback we obtain will then be summarized into a formal report with specific findings, key emerging themes, and recommended best-practices you can then apply in changing your approach to service delivery and earn additional business.

  • The customer loyalty audit process begins with a one-hour phone consultation, designed to understand all objectives of the study and to provide a complete proposal and accurate cost estimate.
  • A proposal document detailing exact deliverables, format, and timeframe is typically delivered within two weeks of the consult. A signed agreement along with a 25% deposit initiates the start of the project.
  • An appropriately designed customer loyalty survey instrument containing up to 10 questions (8 quantitative and 2 qualitative) will be delivered within two weeks of project initiation for initial review. Up to two weeks of iterative reviews is typically required to finalize the survey instrument.
  • Response rates for customer surveys typically run in the 10-20% range.  Therefore, a list of at least 1000 customer email addresses would yield 100-200 completed surveys, the recommended minimum for statistical confidence.  Customer Email addresses along with the survey content is loaded into the survey tool and launched.  Surveys remain open for a total of 10 business days with one reminder sent out at the midpoint to those that have not completed the survey.  
  • Once closed, survey data analysis begins.  This is a process that typically takes two weeks to complete. A final written report containing findings and recommendations will be created and delivered to the client.
  • An on-site presentation of findings and recommendations can also be arranged by special request.