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CX Consulting for SMBs

HorizonCX aims to improve operational and financial results for small and medium-sized businesses through Voice of the Customer (VoC) by focusing on the following objectives.

  • Evaluating what customers [and employees] are thinking, feeling, and saying
  • Determining whether that feedback promotes or detracts from the business
  • Strategizing next steps and investments in VoC
  • Recommending enterprise-level software solutions for leveraging VoC
cx consulting

CX Consulting for Enterprise

HorizonCX is also uniquely positioned to help augment the financial performance of larger enterprises already engaged in VoC by uncovering underlying insights within the feedback and converting customer and employee data into tangible action through the following objectives.

  • Integrating VoC within the organizational strategy
  • Training & development interventions that drive change-management across the business
  • Choosing the best metrics that drive service performance
  • Retaining existing clients, exceeding customer expectations, and driving additional business

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