Company Overview

HorizonCX, LLC

HorizonCX is a small agile Customer Experience (CX) consultancy. Being a small veteran-owned business, among many giants within the customer experience industry, we cater to the unique wants and needs of specialized clientele large and small within public, private, non-profit, B2B and B2C organizations.  We are a business that values and builds lasting partnerships with our clients.  Regardless of the size of your company, it’s worthwhile to at least consider partnering with a small business for your Customer Experience needs for among the following key reasons.

  • We realize that our business enables and energizes your business
  • We stick to only what we know and can do best—we are not all things to all people
  • We treat our clients as real people – not as numbers
  • We offer the very best we can offer at a price-point that is more than affordable
  • We deliver on exactly what we promise with honesty and integrity
  • We aim to serve clients quickly and efficiently—no complex loopholes or bureaucracy
  • We work with agility and flexibility—knowing that your needs could change at any moment
  • We make you feel like you are the only client we have and are busy serving

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