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Feedback as a Service (FaaS)

Our mission is to help you increase customer loyalty and sales, reduce churn and costs, and improve employee engagement and culture by improving just one very important thing: how your customers feel about you. To help you achieve that goal in the most effective and efficient way possible, we are offering FaaS services that will get you started along the path by managing your CX process externally. We are adept at designing, deploying, analyzing, and reporting on the voice of the customer and, based on that feedback, recommending actions that will drive your business forward and ahead of your competition.

Here’s some of what you can expect from FaaS by HorizonCX:
  • We focus on collecting and analyzing your customer feedback
  • You focus on other critical areas of your business operations
  • You capitalize on our expertise in this critical area of Customer Experience
  • We help implement CX best practices to prepare you for taking CX in-house
  • You gain better and more actionable insights about your customers

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Strategy Development

We help you define your customer feedback strategy to ensure that what you learn from your clients is acted upon, integrated within your culture, and effectively communicated to all employees.

Survey Deployment and Administration

We will test and deploy your survey. All we need from you is a clean customer contact list and we will handle the rest. And, for your most important customers, we can even conduct phone-based and face-to-face interviews to provide that special touch.

Analytics and Reporting

We will track and report key metrics over time and identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction using tools such as graphs, tables, quad-charts, trend-lines, significance testing, gap analysis, and text analytics.

Project Management

We will continually monitor survey results coming in, track the action management process, and provide status reports to your management team at regular intervals. We will answer any questions you may have and provide coaching and training as needed.

Recommendations and Prioritized Actions

We will deliver key findings, conclusions, and recommendations via executive level PowerPoint reports.The frequency will depend on your particular needs or type of feedback program you have in place, but we typically recommend at least twice annually based on data collected during the previous six months.


Survey Design

We will develop and design a customized survey that delivers feedback on exactly what you are most interested in learning about your customers’ experiences. The survey will be actionable, relevant, and focused in order to minimize survey fatigue and ensure high quality response rates. We will also draft communications for program announcements, invitations and reminder messages, and closed-loop”thank you for participating” letters.

Action Management

We will help you develop a customized action management strategy based on your specific customer survey and CX maturity. We will help you develop a comprehensive case management plan: what alerts are received, who they go to, severity levels, what the escalation process should be, and a governance structure that dictates who is responsible for follow-up and closure of cases.

Customized CX Services (CCXS)

To complement the more defined and packaged CX services we offer to our customers, HorizonCX also offers a more flexible option for those organizations that may have a far more mature CX strategy in place. Often a special CX project may arise where our expertise can be applied and where a customized approach works best. Having an independent entity conduct that special CX project provides an efficient, impartial, and unbiased way to achieve your goals.

What HorizonCX can do for you…

We will work with you and your organization to custom design any CX project that you deem necessary as part of your overall CX program. Projects could focus on experiences with your products, services, or both. Whatever the case and whatever the objective, the feedback we research and obtain will be summarized into a formal report with specific findings, key emerging themes, and recommended actions you can then apply in changing your approach to product and or service delivery to earn additional business. Our customized services more than likely will fall into one of the six pillars on which we base our CX-PROTM Certification program as outlined below. This by no means limits the kinds engagements for which you may want to contract with HorizonCX. Projects could be focused on any of the following elements and beyond.

  • Defining
    • CX strategies, goals, and objectives
    • Maturity assessments and governance models
  • Designing
    • Transactional and relationship survey instruments
    • The CX metrics that resonate within your business
  • Executing
    • An effective closed-loop action management systems
    • Organizational buy-in and ambassadorships
  • Analyzing
    • Quantitative data and qualitative feedback through text analytics
    • Using analytical tools to determine root-cause
  • Acting
    • Reporting results to internal and external stakeholders
    • Managing changed based on VOC
  • Refining
    • Success measures and adjusting what’s working and what’s not
    • Goals and conducting stakeholder reassessments

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