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CX-PROTM for Customer Experience Managers

A Hybrid Training and Certification Program 

If you are brand new to the role of Customer Experience (CX) within your organization, just getting started in a CX role, or even if you have been in a CX role for some time, consider how formalized and structured training in the essentials of customer experience management can help you build your CX knowledge-base, accelerate your career, and enhance the success of your organization. HorizonCX offers you the CX-PROTM Customer Experience Training and Certification Program, a hands-on experiential course that prepares you with the knowledge and skills required of a CX professional.

Online hybrid virtual standard classes are offered monthly throughout the year.  Click the REGISTER NOW button on the left to access the monthly class dates.

In-Person Training Courses are Also Available

The CX-PRO course is available in a 2-day live on-site instructor-led format delivered at your location as well as the live hybrid instructor-led virtual classroom format, the latter to be held on three successive 2-hour sessions over a two week period—six sessions in total.  The course content and requirements of both formats for CX-PRO certification are identical. 

All on-site training is available by request for quotation and conducted at your location. A typical class size for on-site training is 8 to 12 participants.  The instructor-led on-line virtual classroom training has no minimum enrollment and will be held on the dates indicated on the registration page, accessed by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button listed above.


What the CX-PRO certification can do for you…

HorizonCX developed the CX-PRO™ Customer Experience Certification Training Program to help jump-start or accelerate your success in CX by structuring each of the following core learning modules in an experiential fashion. What you can expect from this certification course is learning fundamental CX concepts, practicing them through hands-on exercises, and being presented with organizational examples where these CX concepts are being successfully applied. Led by the experience and guidance of two seasoned CCXP Certified Customer Experience Professionals, your biggest takeaway from this course will learning how these concepts can best be applied within your organization’s culture. The capstone for this course and the requirement for your earning the CX-PRO™ certificate is passing a 60-question post-training on-line exam and achieving a passing score of 75%. The CX-PRO™ Course follows the D.E.A.R. Model—Defining and designing, Executing, Analyzing and acting, and Refining. The key learning objectives for this course are as follows.

1. Understanding Customer Behaviors

The first step toward providing the right customer experience is understanding the customer. This means creating an accurate, consistent, and shared understanding of who your customers are, what they want, and how they perceive the interactions they’re having with the company today. A solid customer understanding program can help a company identify problems with current customer interactions, maximize the business value of improvements to those interactions, and build new experiences that resonate with customers.

  • Goals objectives (business and personal) and measuring success
  • CX Mission statements
  • Thinking in systems – customer journeys
  • Persona exercise
  • Establishing a baseline
  • Governance
  • Definition of a customer
  • CX Maturity
  • CX Strategies

 2. Developing a Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy defines the type of experience a company wants to provide. This definition guides employees as they choose which activities to perform and how to allocate resources. Organizations that define, socialize, and use a customer experience strategy properly can say no to tempting, but off-strategy ideas and stay on track to create the experience known to be right.

3. Measuring and Tracking Customer Experience

Organizations with good customer experience measurement practices track customer experience quality on an ongoing basis using customer perceptions as the ultimate test of what’s “good.” Such practices are critical to maturity because they allow the company to understand the state of its current customer experience, which levers it should pull to improve experiences, and most importantly, how efforts are progressing over time.

4. Creating Accountability for CX (Governance Structures)

Governance systems are the way in which companies manage customer experience in a proactive and disciplined way. They create accountability by assigning specific experience management tasks to specific people, and include the processes a company will use to monitor experience quality and improve it on a continual basis. Governance processes are critical to customer experience maturity because they help organizations create broad awareness of customer experience programs, keep bad experiences from getting out the door, and hold people accountable for their role in the customer experience ecosystem.

5. Designing Customer Experience Through Co-Creation

Practices in this discipline include following a formal design process, co-creating experience designs with key stakeholder groups, and iterating rapidly to hone in on the best designs quickly. Taking the time to implement these practices helps an organization leverage expertise and ideas from customers, employees, and partners, and helps weed out bad ideas early in the process.

6. Building a Customer Experience Culture

A customer-centric culture is essential to a mature experience. The goal of culture-building activities is to establish customer-centricity as a core value, as a means of embedding practices from the other five disciplines into employee DNA. Reaching that goal will turn customer experience excellence into a habit, and make future change much easier.

September 2019 CX-PRO Training & Certification Workshop

(L to R) Faith Cohen, Dionna Ford, Jim Bass, Mark Borst

Certification is earned by completing the experiential CX-PROTM training course and passing a 72-question exam.  The CX-PRO certification demonstrates a fundamental level of knowledge Customer Experience Management and provides a statement of basic CX competency for individuals within their current role as well as to prospective employers.  This listing is updated after each class has completed the requirements of the CX-PRO Certification.

View the List of CX-PRO Certified Professionals
NameDate EarnedOrganizationLocation
Peter Swaim5/22/18StaplesFramingham, MA
Brett Sharp5/30/18athenahealthRoswell, GA
Kelly Woodruff6/4/18athenahealthWatertown, MA
Hanna Pastor6/4/18athenahealthWatertown, MA
Melinda Turnbull6/4/18athenahealthWatertown, MA
Annie Griffin6/4/18athenahealthWatertown, MA
Justin Sill6/8/18Centra HealthLynchburg, VA
Janice Huang7/17/18DuPontTaoyuan, Taiwan
David Su7/17/18DuPontTaoyuan, Taiwan
Craig Deschner7/18/18DuPontBuffalo, NY
Yao Wu7/23/18DuPontGuangdong, China
Susanne Stuebinger7/23/18DuPontNeu-Isenburg, Germany
Richard O'Brien7/24/18DuPontWilmington, DE
Lucy Du7/30/18DuPontGuangdong, China
Maggie Gu8/4/18DuPontGuangdong, China
Doris Lin8/14/18DuPontTaoyuan, Taiwan
Lauren Driggers11/19/18TSYSColumbus, GA
Don Foucher11/20/18Federal Reserve BankBoston, MA
Rachel Brown12/5/18Cultural Care Au Pair (EF)Cambridge, MA
Tammie Sebelius12/11/18Cultural Care Au Pair (EF)Cambridge, MA
Kasey Paul12/14/18Partners HealthcareSomerville, MA
Kevin Sousa6/13/19Eastern BankBoston, MA
Dionna Ford9/15/19Genuine Parts CompanyNorcross, GA
Jim Bass9/16/19ADPAlpharetta, GA
Mark Borst9/17/19DeKalbRoswell, GA
Rebekah McKie9/25/19HologicMarlboro, MA
Kristin Stanton10/4/19HologicMarlboro, MA
Jamie Tetreault10/18/19HologicMarlboro, MA
Brandi McHenry3/19/2020Heritage PartsFT. Wayne, IN
Robert Scott3/31/2020Digital CXHaverhill, MA
Russell Onofrio4/9/2020Cross-RhodesHopkinton, MA
Diane Tamagno5/29/2020CX/Customer SuccessHopkinton, MA
Paul Anderson5/31/2020YMCABergen, NY
Elena Marinska-Lopez6/3/2020e2fSan Jose, CA
Richard Dorfman5/22/2018Eastern BankBoston, MA
Kim Ozment9/22/2020MacquariumAtlanta, GA
Hannah Johnson8/31/2020MacquariumAtlanta, GA
Sagar Naidu12/16/2020QuestionProPune, India
Cortney Regan12/18/2020EG AmericaWestborough, MA
John Tourles1/31/2021Santander BankMiddleboro, MA
Jon Cox1/31/2021WellPetTewksbury, MA
Lana Murakami2/8/2021American Savings BankHonolulu, HI
Clint Wheelock4/22/2021Dash NetworkDenver, CO
Daniel Lunger4/23/2021DuPont E&INottingham, PA
Jonathan Keller4/23/2021Dash NetworkGolden, CO
Scott Foll4/25/2021DuPont E&ICircleville, OH
Timmy Choi5/4/2021DuPont E&IHong Kong
John Speth5/10/2021QuestionProMesa, AZ
Jennifer Perry5/24/2021National Quality ReviewPrinceton, MA
Marianne Gonzalez5/28/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Polly LeBarron6/2/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Caitlin Reeves6/11/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Richard Hoekstra6/16/2021National Quality ReviewAngier, NC
Rory O'Donnell6/17/2021National Quality ReviewMilton, MA
Nathan Abbott6/29/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Katie Welch7/6/2021National Quality ReviewWilbraham, MA
Patty Shea7/16/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Jeffrey Hilger7/17/2021PBCX ConsultingAtlanta, GA
Keith Kirkpatrick7/17/2021Dash ResearchLynbrook, NY
Sherril Hanson7/17/2021Dash ResearchBoulder, CO
Ruth Georgevits7/18/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Juliette Krovi7/19/2021PfizerShrewsbury, mA
Michael Bowers7/22/2021PriorityCXAtlanta, GA
Ron Curtis7/27/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Michael Drees7/28/2021National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Paulina Rodriguez Chiang Sam10/4/2021QuestionProMerida, Yucatan
Ojas Rao10/4/2021QuestionProBangalore, India
Natalie Shiinoki10/8/2021Hawaii Convention CenterHonolulu, HI
Daniel Neumann10/22/2021Perry HomesHouston, TX
Deron Austin10/23/2021Mueller Water ProductsOoltewah, TN
Raul Sanchez10/29/2021QuestionProHuitzilac, Morelos, Mexico
Emiliano Orduña11/4/2021QuestionProDallas, TX
J Bertrand11/10/2021Perry HomesHouston, TX
Julie Mahaffey11/10/2021Perry HomesHouston, TX
Austin LeBlanc11/10/2021Perry HomesHouston, TX
Priscilla Barrios11/11/2021Perry HomesHouston, TX
Cari Infante11/12/2021Perry HomesHouston, TX
Patty Soltis11/28/2021Kinetic Edge ConsultantsOdessa, FL
Natalie Collet5/2/2022French Cultural CenterBoston, MA
Cristian Bennett5/9/2022National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Rebecca Meagher5/26/2022National Quality ReviewBoston, MA
Silvi Kansal5/31/2022QuestionProChandigarh, India
Shanna Hayes5/31/2022Southern New Hampshire UniversityDover, NH
Norman Lee6/26/2022ComcastAurora, CO
Igor Kalenny6/27/2022MaximusAvon, IN
Joanne Nelson10/26/2022Perry HomesHouston, TX
Christopher Zepeda11/13/2022Force ManagementWhittier, CA
Ishara Rice12/12/2022InteleosColumbia, MD
Shubha MIshra12/17/2022AppFolioSan Diego, CA
Catherine Zamarin-Gedney1/20/2023InteleosRockville, MD

“This course gave me a solid introduction to the fundamentals of CX and went over the ‘whole game’ by not only teaching different pieces of CX from a ‘birds-eye’ view but also showing how they fit together. For a person like me, coming from both software development and a UX background, it was very valuable to understand the main CX “pillars” which gave me a firm essential theoretical foundation to see the breadth of the subject. Furthermore, learning from the material allowed me to start seeing the relationship between UX and CX which is very important to understand for professionals in both of those fields. I was new to CX prior to taking this course; however, I was glad I took it because this very event led me to an important decision and a subsequent personal realization to make the next logical step in my career path: to pursue transitioning from UX to CX.”

Igor Kalennyy

UX Designer, Maximus

“The CX-PRO Certification Course provided me with an exceptional set of tools and a knowledge base that helped prepare me for my new CX position at Centra Health.  The topics were all relevant to my work, enabled me to hit the ground running, and helped me make meaningful contributions to our CX program right away.  I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to quickly build experience and expertise in CX design, program design and execution.”

Justin Sill

Manager, Patient Experience, Centra Health, Lynchburg, VA

I was able to take away several golden nuggets from the class and the training really helped crystalize some of my thinking around CX.

Becky McKie

AVP, Customer Operations, Hologic, Marlboro, MA

“Karl and his dedicated Team at HorizonCX delivered two amazing customized workshops for our organization in both CX-PRO fundamentals and Journey Mapping. As an HR Director, I have organized many training courses and worked with many training providers, but I would consider Karl a consummate training professional. His hands on approach, engaging manner and deep, passionate knowledge of CX and Journey Mapping continue to impress. He is now my Gold Standard for training professionals and will be my “go-to” person for any further training or expertise in this area. Karl and his Team received the highest rating of any of the many training programs we sponsored over the last 5 years. The workshops delivered through HorizonCX exceeded all our expectations!”

Mary Ann Janigian

Director of Human Resources, National Quality Review, Boston, MA

I had the pleasure of attending the CX-PRO course by HorizonCX in March 2020. I found the evening sessions to be very informative and educational. The course materials were very good, the mentoring approach taken by the instructional team fostered interactions and working with other participants via an online setting was extremely beneficial. They did a great job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement, where other online courses fail because of the isolation. As an individual with over 20 years of CX experience, I would highly recommend this course to anyone regardless of Experience Level."

Russ Onofrio

Operations Executive, Cross-Rhodes, Hopkinton, MA

“The CX-PRO course and certification helped me understand CX with clarity. I was able to improve communication with clients both existing and new which impacted the overall results. Thank you for your support and expertise.”

Sagar Naidu

Customer Success Lead, QuestionPro, Pune, Maharashtra, India

The HorizonCX CX-PRO course provided me and our entire customer experience improvement team with the background needed to understand our customers’ journey and facilitated discussions and ideas on how to best measure our customers’ experiences in a standard way.  Once CX is measured, customer experience deficiencies can be prioritized and improvement projects launched. I would recommend this course for not only new CX professionals, but anyone who interacts directly with a customer in any significant way.

Craig Deschner

Customer Experience Improvement Leader, DowDuPont Electronics & Imaging

As a Customer Success Manager, the CX-PRO certification course helped me upskill by providing a fundamental understanding of CX and how to more effectively create a customer-first culture which drives client success and fuels company growth.  The course also helped me gain credibility within the CS and CX communities, and ultimately helped me land a new job empowering companies to grow through customer obsession.

Diane Tamagno

Customer Success Manager, Forrester Research

“The CX-PRO certification course covered a broad range of CX topics and gave a great overview of the Customer Experience field. It was extremely helpful, not only for gaining a broad competency and knowledge of Customer Experience, but also to check our progress against CX standards and to generate ideas of where to take our CX Program from here. Finally, I appreciated the interactive aspect of the class, as we got to hear what other companies are doing with their Customer Experience programs, where they’re struggling, and work together to generate new ideas. I recommend this class to anyone with 1-2 years of experience in a CX role who is looking to broaden their knowledge of Customer Experience, or who needs a fresh perspective on their CX efforts.”

Rachel Brown

Project Manager, Customer Experience, Education First, Cambridge, MA

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