Net Promoter Score Research 

HorizonCX conducted this research project over a two-month period beginning in September 2019 with data collected from over 500 respondents.  This, our first in a planned series of CX research studies, was developed with the aim of discovering whether the Net Promoter System (NPS) was and still is considered the main customer loyalty metric for B2B companies or whether it has been replaced with a preferred customer loyalty metric and what that alternative metric might be. More specifically, we wanted to learn how NPS was being applied within B2B organizations to affect change in both processes and behaviors that ultimately lead to improvements in the overall customer experience. The results of this research may or may not surprise you but it will certainly allow you compare the ways in which you are using NPS to other B2B companies. 

    From this report, you will obtain among the following key learnings:

    • Choice of NPS as a Primary CX Metric
    • Alternative CX Metrics to NPS and Reasons for Choosing
    • Length of Time Using NPS
    • How NPS is Being Derived and How Widely is it Applied
    • Survey Design and Methods of using NPS
    • Survey Deployment Methods for obtaining NPS
    • Why NPS is Considered a Best Loyalty Metric for B2B
    • Why NPS is NOT Considered a Best Loyalty Metric for B2B
    • Financial Linkage of NPS to Business Outcomes (ROI)
    • CX Budgets—increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same
    • Sizes of CX Teams and Most Senior CX Job Titles
    • Verbatim comments from B2B practitioners of CX

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