Contact Center Research Report

HorizonCX in cooperation with Cross-Rhodes Management, a provider of contact center services, recently conducted a research study focused on the Customer/Employee Experience in the Call Center industry in a post pandemic world. The research was directed at specific areas that are sure to be hot topics post COVID-19.  We believe that in order to effectively handle today’s heightened customer urgency, a Contact Center must be at the top of their game to manage their customers’ experiences with an underlying set of best practices and values. These include establishing and maintaining good customer relationships, while motivating, training, and empowering contact center associates to recognize and respond to their customers’ potentially elevated anxiety and urgency. These, all the while, focusing on fulfilling their customer’s expectations.

Our goal at HorizonCX is to enable business leaders to gain the knowledge and expertise to provide their customers with the best Customer Experience possible.  The objective of our study was to gain deeper insights into several current elements of the Contact Center amidst today’s pandemic crisis. Additionally, we wanted to learn about priorities, learning opportunities, and what motivates those who are on the front line.  

    From this report, you will obtain the following key learnings:

      • Leadership, Customer Engagement, and Customer Experience Management are the more frequent training subjects, and generally training is held on a quarterly basis.
      • Top training format preferences are
      • – Instructor Led, in-class, interactive
        – Self-paced micro-learning modules
        – Instructor Led, on-line, interactive

      • A high percentage believes that training certification is important.
      • Post-pandemic working preference will be an equal balance of in-office and at-home.
      • Contact Center Feedback is mostly gathered through surveys and scored by CSAT and NPS.
      • Wages and work schedule highly influence Contact-Center turnover.

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