For those of you that are experienced CX practitioners with 5+ years within the industry, you already know how challenging the job is.  You’ve been battle tested, understand the constraints you must work within, and the amount of effort involved to enact any semblance of change within your organization.  While this experience is critical to understanding the current landscape and what may or may not be possible within your organization, we often find ourselves siloed on our own little island with little time to expand our knowledge of CX best practices and to learn techniques to help keep the CX needle moving forward.  It can literally feel like you are just spinning your wheels…

Given the challenges that experienced CX practitioners face, imagine what the newbies that join the industry every day are walking into.  In some cases, they are interns or new hires straight from college.  In other cases, they may be professionals that had CX responsibilities added to their already full-time job.  Given what most of us already know, they will need the proper training and resources to help guide them in the right direction.

CX training and certifications are nothing new.  There are many companies out there that offer these services.  However, there are not many that offer real-world, practical and realistic training based on models and methods that have been proven successful.  As with any training course or certification you are considering, you’ll want to do your homework to ensure it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to make you successful.  This means covering more than your traditional Customer Experience 101 material.  It needs to address the process of how to begin, maintain, and enhance your CX program over the long-term.  It should include workbooks and reference materials that map out the processes and models you need to follow.  It should leave you feeling like you have a map that covers all the stops along the CX journey that you need to go through and incorporate within your organization to ensure a successful program.

At HorizonCX we’ve worked hard to develop one such training and certification course that provides this information, the CX-PROTM Customer Experience (CX) Certification Training Program, a 2-day comprehensive, experiential course that prepares you with knowledge and resources required of a CX Professional to develop, maintain, and enhance your CX Program.

The CX-PRO™ Course follows the D.E.A.R. Model—Defining and designing, Executing, Analyzing and acting, and Refining.  These steps and associated activities are critical to a successful CX Program.  Let us help you to stop spinning your wheels and learn these proven steps to make a positive impact on the CX Program within your organization.

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